Thursday, October 13, 2005

Big Apple

So here I am in New York (that's me on the left, enjoying delicious sushi at Blue Ribbon in SoHo), enjoying five days of total relaxation before heading South to Bolivia to embark upon my self-prescribed mission of changing the world, or at least re-visiting my maternal roots and testing my limits. So far I've seen two and a half movies: Family Guy (the .5 because jetlag anihilated me halfway through), In Her Shoes, and Waiting. And tonight, a sneak preview of Domino with Kiera Knightley, I can't wait! Hehe. In other news, I bought a hottt digital camera (Olympus Stylus 600), and have been personalizing the second-hand laptop I also recently acquired. A fruitful coupla days, indeed.


At 3:18 PM, Blogger El Blondo said...

Great picture. Looks like you just was informed that SUSHI = RAW FISH !!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ...

P.S. now you have a blog on Page #1 !!!


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