Thursday, August 17, 2006

Día del Desafio

The second activity I was in charge of on May 31st was the “Day of the Challenge”, organized to encourage people all around the country to take part in physical activities, the idea being to stimulate a healthy lifestyle. Pepe was my driver (he was meant to attend as a regular volunteer but my driver never showed up so Pepe saved the day), and the rest of the team was Rosario and Moreyna. We covered Plaza Murillo, got to see Evo play futsal (similar to soccer but on a smaller pitch, with a different ball and slightly different rules… haha), ate yummy salteñas courtesy of the mayor, and then drove around to other key locations just to make sure all was running smoothly, which it was. Success!

Me on the left watching the game of futsal... and yes, the player on the left of no. 5 is none other than the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales! For the record, this is NOT the game where he broke his nose...


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