Friday, November 04, 2005

Singing the melody line I hear in my head...

Last night I read the speech Bono gave to my graduating class (it can be found here), and it made me happy. Thought I'd share.

In terms of what's going on in La Paz...

Last Wednesday (Nov. 2) was a holiday, the day for everyone to visit cementeries to see their loved ones which have passed on. It was an amazing sight - I went to the Cemeterio Jardin and it was absolutely full of flowers, of families picnic-ing, of children running around loving life.

The elections were postponed from Dec 4 to Dec 17, and now apparently they might be postponed again. Certain provinces have grown in population, which means they constitutionally have the right to more deputy chairs in congress. Other provinces don't want to give up deputies though, and the overall number has to stay the same... and as long as this problem isn't resolved, elections can't be organized. There has been progress, but apparently Santa Cruz (the province which should get 4 more deputies but got 3 in the last offer made) isn't willing to compromise. Elections will take place eventually, but no one really knows what to expect because the hot favorite is Evo Morales, who is from an indigenous background and whose life experience is coca farming and leading the coca unions... and none of the alternatives are really that convincing either.

Road blocks continue, although their frequency seems to have diminished.

Other than that, Halloween was quite a success here, with children trick or treating around town and the main supermarket chain (Ketal) organizing a massive haunted house. McDonalds and Domino's Pizza went bankrupt, but the American influence can still be felt!

And I am still loving it.


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