Wednesday, August 30, 2006

La Paz Red Cross Talent Show

Friday June 9th, what a night! The show started at 9pm and my unit, Socorro y Desastres was scheduled as the first act. We had practiced a decent amount and were quite enthusiastic about the performance because we knew it would be unexpected and fun… which it was – how could it not be considering we re-enacted Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video?! Muahaha. Lucho was perfect as Michael, and we zombies had the added bonus of baby skin post-performance because the “make up” used for the pale skin effect was a light green face-mask cream! Priceless. Other acts included Cueca, Chakaltaya, recitation of poems, spoofs, and volunteers who had been working hard got a shout out, a pat on the back, and a fluorescent green anorak (yours truly included *beams*). Oporto wine was served for a toast (so sweet, ewwwk!), we had a cake (see picture on left) and then music was played and the dancing began. Around midnight the last song was played, and the afterparty took place at Miguel-Angelo’s place, where I got to practice dancing traditional dances again and found out some gossip, hehe. The Red Cross rocks my world.

Zombies, left to right: Javier, Adriana, Fatima, Paola, me, Edson, Rodrigo.


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