Tuesday, November 08, 2005

23 and On Top of The World!

Yesterday was brilliant.

The sounds seemed normal, as though everyone was getting ready for school like they would any other day of the year. Just as I let my guard down, I hear Daniela say "Shahnaz?" - I refused open my eyes, so she had to elaborate: "Te mandan un mensaje de Suiza..." I had to turn around, and bam! The whole family was there, some more awake than others, to wish me a Happy Birthday! I got to blow out a candle and start the day laughing at the balloons which had been made into faces (one alien, one with glasses, one with weird eyes from watching too much tv, one with french fries eyes from eating too many Burger King fries...) and reading the poster-size Birthday card Daniela, Maria and Sergio had made for me. They misspelled my name and couldn't remember my dad's name, but that's beside the point.

As for the rest of the day? I spent the morning at the Children's Hospital, then had lunch at Tia Alicia's (salteƱas and mango cake, mhmmmm) before swinging by the Hogar Soria and heading to the Black Market with Martin and Monica (another cousin, whom I met at lunch), making it back to Tia Alicia's just in time for tea... and then rushing off to get home and be off to Tia Lila's, where all the cousins met up for Pizza and a delicious cake of unidentified flavour.

If a year is a step, then I'm officially one step closer to the quarter-century! Hehe.

Thank you mom for calling me everywhere, and to everyone who remembered me and sent me emails, e-cards, text messages, smoke signals.


At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Hayat said...

HI, HAPPY BDAY....you got my email i hope. Hey if you have time to do 'I AM NEW IN LA PAZ' would be awesome.....take pics of yourself or have some one take them. and just write what experiences u have. another question could i add ur blog to mine as a friend link?! HAPPY BDAY

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Shahnaz said...

Of course you can add me to your friend links! And I'll see what I can do about contributing to your experiment, hehe. S

At 3:17 PM, Blogger El Blondo said...

Shahnaninanaz, toooooo cool your blog. You're my first blog - if you excuse that expression.

Had my first email account in 1982 ... and my first blog in 2005. Who says you can't teach on old dog new tricks (please no counting the years) ...


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