Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back to Switzerland

I left bright and early on the morning of Monday June 12th, Pepe drove me to the airport and the view left me breathless. I had a long trip ahead, as I was flying La Paz to Lima, and staying in Lima for the day before flying to Madrid and finally to Geneva.

Lima was cloudy and struck me as a city with very little energy. I had a driver pick me up at the airport and take me around (photo on left: me at a mirador on the edge of town... the haze makes it hard to see much, but it was a nice spot, take my word for it), stopped at the ICRC to drop off some chocolates for a friend of Mauri’s and then seeked out the ILO to see if I could get information on regional programs. They didn’t let me in but did give me a brochure with some contact information on it, guess that’s better than nothing!

I arrived in Geneva Tuesday late afternoon, and barely had time to start catching up with Mom and JL before Tiarnach walked in the door (he had arrived in Geneva the day before and was staying at home for a week, on his way to Kenya and Southern Soudan to work for Oxfam GB. Yes, the boy is insane, but in the best possible way). We had a drink in the garden and decided to go say hi to grandpa on our way to a filet de perches dinner by the lake… What a first night back! The first week flew by, I saw friends and family, ran errands, caught up with Tiarnach, walked around town for Fete de la Musique… it was good to be home. On Saturday, before taking Tiarnach to the airport, we went to the posh area of town and Byron’s Rock to see the Bol d’Or, an annual sailboat race around Lake Geneva.

Tiarnach, me and JL at a hotspot to see the Bol D'Or (hidden by us, oops... t'was a stunning view though, I promise!)


At 5:27 AM, Anonymous mousquetaire edna said...

Dis moi nooz, es tu a genoux ou sont-ils vraiment aussi grands que ça...?

At 12:08 PM, Blogger Shahnaz said...

Ils sont enormes! No joke. Talk about a change of scenery apres la Bolivie! Haha. Smunchs, S


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