Thursday, December 14, 2006

Halloween Fundraiser

On Tuesday 31st of October, which happens to be my mother’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!), we had a fundraiser at Oliver’s Travels, a foreigners’ hang out pub close to Plaza San Francisco. It was a great party, everyone was dressed up and in a good mood (well, close enough!)… Alice and Andrew were the Red Cross Pumpkins, in charge of the door (cover was Bs. 20, half went to the La Paz Red Cross for our HIV prevention project and the other half went to the organization Para Los Niños) and we made over $200! That might not seem like much but to put things in perspective – that covers our whole HIV education and prevention project (material for ribbons, the production of facilitator and participant manuals, gas to get to and from the centers where we are giving the workshops, etc.). Success! The picture on the left is of Alice, myself and Andrew. In theory, I was Wednesday (Friday?) - the Adams' Family daughter. And Andrew and Alice were, quite obviously, pumpkins!


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