Thursday, November 09, 2006

Play day with the Red Cross

A week after I got back from Cochabamba was the La Paz Red Cross Rally – a day spent at the Military School down in Irpavi, mostly on the military obstacle course adapted to our Red Cross abilities and then by the grill enjoying a BBQ among friends and sitting at cool Coca Cola tables that Embol lent us (thank you uncle Gerardo!). It wasn’t just cuz, it was our way of celebrating the anniversary of my unit (Socorro y Desastres)! Great excuse for a day of nearly all play, no? Hehe. As I was part of the organization committee, I didn’t actually do the obstacle course but instead got to set the whole thing up with the help of Gustavo, Marco and Claudia, and then evaluate the teams which went through it. On the left, me at the top of an obstacle we decided NOT to include - Gustavo is the funny man waving his arms around, trying to interfere with Claudia taking my picture, teehee. There was so much sun that despite the 60some spf sunscreen I used, my arms turned close to black and I was afraid they might fall off! Oops. Yay for them sticking with me. Blood was spillt about 2min after the event started (see photo on the right - see the blood on Alejandro's finger?!), when Adri hit Alejandro in the nose while trying to swing the apple at him for him to bite a chunk off, oops! Swinging was dangerous, the better method (for future reference) was one person stabilizing the apple (often with his or her mouth, sometimes with an arm or thorax) while the other one went for the kill/bite. Below left is Oscar (my business parter - more about that later) trying to survive one of the exercises. It wasn't the most graceful thing I've ever seen but it was definitely amusing, and he made it! We had a lot of laughs, took some great photos, and enjoyed good food. A great day. Then there was the prize ceremony and the cherry on the cake is that all the volunteers of my unit (including yours truly) got a button and a tshirt to thank us for our hard work, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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