Monday, October 30, 2006

Recognition Ceremony at the Red Cross

On Saturday 9th of September, the Bolivian Red Cross organized an official event to thank various organizations in La Paz and El Alto which collaborate in terms of providing First Aid to the general population. A group of about 10 volunteers from the La Paz branch attended (including yours truly), dressed up in our smurf outfits (seriously - check out the photos and you'll understand why "smurf"). Other organizations present included the SAR Bolivia, firemen, cops, volunteers from the El Alto Red Cross, and government representatives. I was chosen to stand up front by the important people, next to the Bolivian Red Cross flag – quite the honour! (Photo on the right: Ruben Gonzalez, national head of "Socorro y Desastres"; Elsa, who has been around forever and a day; Dr. Abel Peña y Lillo the Big President; Sofia from the La Paz Red Cross; and Dra. Perales, national head of "Salud" - and me standing by the flag on the far right!). Too bad I wasn’t feeling that well and standing up so straight in the sun without even being able to slouch made me feel queasy and nearly faint twice (oops). Sofia’s mints saved me, but even so towards the end I had to sit down because otherwise I would’ve fainted and stolen the show right when the Bolivian Red Cross President was speaking! Not good. Next time, someone else can have the glory of standing up front, thank you very much! Still, once I got to the saltenas and coke waiting for us outside, I felt a lot better - y nadie me quita lo bailado! Hehe.

From left to right and back to front: Andres, Mauri, me, Adri , Luly, Sofia; Ale, Rosario, Edson, Alvarito, Adriana (a.k.a Mondi)


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