Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Geneva – Zurich – Madrid – Santiago – La Paz

After a long period of uncertainty, I finally got on a plane to head back South West to my beloved Bolivia. It was tempting to stay a while longer, but I knew that much work lay ahead and that the desire to stay was in too big a part due to the luxuries and comforts of Geneva trying to hook me. Evil! So I flew from Geneva to Zurich, Zurich to Madrid, Madrid to Santiago and finally, after 23h in Chile, back to La Paz. I mean, where is the fun in doing things the simple way? Cough, cough, ahem. Santiago de Chile was fun even though I really didn’t do much but stroll around downtown (which I later found out was not the nicest area of town nor the safest), eat a glazed Dunkin’ Donut, visit a museum of pre-colombian art, go see the new Superman movie (mildly entertaining yet somewhat disappointing) and zapping between movies before catching some shut-eye and heading back to the airport before dawn.

The fact that I have no pictures to share for this trip says it all. Actually, I did take one picture of the airport from the plane, but it's not even worth uploading so just take my word for it - the trip was long, there were some interesting things to see but nothing truly worth writing home about. Shame I didn't get to meet up with JJ and Valeska, raincheck.


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