Monday, September 18, 2006

Zurich, my axis of insanity (in the best possible way)

From Heidelberg, I headed to Zurich to meet up with my big brother for the weekend. Arrived Friday afternoon and as usual we had a great time… Friday night we had a huuuuuuge dinner, a 1kg cordon bleu (breaded meat with ham and cheese inside) accompanied by french fries (photo on left: my brother about to attack the giant meal). I finished before my brother, much to the other boys’ amazement, and it was delicious! Think I could’ve fit in some dessert, but we decided it wasn’t worth risking it. From there we went to Indochine, the traditional clubbing spot in Zurich. I admit that for the first half hour all I could do was digest, but after that came the dancing, weeeee! Once home I decided to watch “Underworld” because it was about time, and Saturday was a day of rest, a burger lunch, watching movies (the fact that I forget which movies we rented and watched does not mean I am turning into my father… or does it?!), turkish baths, and in the evening we had drinks with Lex’s father before going to an outstanding Spanish dinner (see photo on the right) and calling it a night. Sunday I hitched a ride back to Geneva with Christian Kessler (thankee!) and made it just in time to watch what turned out to be quite a disappointing World Cup Final. Except for Zidane of course, hehe.

Me and Mister T at Indochine on Friday night.


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