Friday, September 15, 2006

Andalucia with Mom

Took five days off with my mom to head down South to Andalucia via Madrid (where we hung out with aunt-cousin Isabel and her daughter Erica), where aside from lots of driving around and some getting lost, we got to discover some cute spots just off the Atlantic Ocean and catch up without too many distractions. All cultural tourism took a raincheck, which means we both caught up on sleep, read a lot, and then I also managed to squeeze in some kite-surfing (did you know you can actually have sore eyebrows from looking up for too long and with too much concentration? yeah, neither did I) and golf (see photo on the left to see what the end of my swing looks like), hehe. Next time I swear I will actually manage to get to the surfing part of kite surfing though, ahem. Damn wind, it failed me! Photo above left: my supercool instructor Santi and I; photo above right: me battling with the kite in the water, trying to make it look like it's easy. Other than that, we nearly missed our flight back due to the absolutely pathetic road signs (and our taking half an hour for breakfast when we were already a bit late, sheepish grin) and getting stuck behind trucks on the national road, oops. Everything worked out in the end though, and mother and daughter got back to Geneva on June 29th in time to see the sunset on Lake Geneva.

Thanks mom for a stunning week of vacation, thou dost spoil me too much (but who is complaining?! Grin.)


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