Monday, September 18, 2006


After talking about it every since we met in summer 2004, I finally made it to Heidelberg to visit Florian. It was a flash visit which lasted just about 24h but we managed to fit a lot in – upon arrival I got a tour of the house and met the parents, then we went for a walk which took us up Philosopher’s Alley to a viewpoint from which all of Heidelberg can be seen and then back down to the old town and up again to The Castle (seen in the picture on the left, from the aforementioned vewpoint). Here, we saw the World’s Biggest Wine Barrel (see photo below right - that little fleshcoloured line at the bottom of the picture is a human arm... attached to a person who didn't come out in the photo, in case you were wondering)! The wine barrel was the size of a small house, madness! Food was had, we went home to change, and then in the evening we went to Mannheim to a party. The plan was actually to stop by the apartment of a friend of Flo’s, Naomi, to have a drink before heading to a big open air student party. Then the sky fell, and we decided we were quite happy where we were, namely between the kitchen and balcony of Naomi’s apartment. We had some drinks, ate pizza and spring rolls, I started speaking German and Italian, and finally it was time to go home. In the morning, after a smoked salmon sandwich breakfast (mhmmm!), we went to a park whose name I have misplaced, had lunch nearby, and then I had to catch my train, just like that! Whoosh, went Time. It was great catching up with Florian a bit, and I have to say that my inner dork quite enjoyed all the train-riding because boy are Swiss trains pretty and clean and on time! Enjoying life is in the details, hehe.

Florian and I in the cab on the way home from Naomi's place.


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