Friday, September 15, 2006

Valais with Dad

After spending quality time with mom, it was only fair to also hang out with dad for a bit. A weekend was reserved and I was given instructions to pack for hiking and swimming, and I have to say I am impressed because dad kept our destination a secret until we were nearly there! Turns out the “there” was the Thermal Baths of Ovronnay, deep in the heart of Switzerland (well, close enough!). For two days we kicked back and relaxed, discovered various spa treatments such as the hydromassage and the algae wrap (see photo on the right for what we looked like post-spa treatments), went on a hike, had yummy Swiss mountain food (veal sausage with french fries, chocolate mousse, “croute au fromage” - depicted on the left, "coupe romanoff" - depicted on the right…) and enjoyed the view. We also – of course – tried out the thermal baths, although my overly romanticized image of a rock pool on the side of a mountain was shattered and replaced by a much more standard image of a relatively shallow pool filled with special water that has medicinal effects and a natural temperature of “nearly soupishly warm”. Cherry on the cake? On the road, I made my dad discover Bolivian rock music! Hehe. Deszaire, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Quirquina, the whole shabang. Think he sort of liked it…

Mersi baba, twas most original and yummy!


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