Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Visit to the "Asilo Dulce Hogar"

Most Sundays volunteers from the Youth unit of the Red Cross La Paz spend time either with special kids at the "Eric Boulter" foundation or with the residents of the old persons' home "Dulce Hogar". On August 27th I went with them to the "Dulce Hogar" where we chatted with residents, played Yenga (and lost 9 of 10 games to Don Toni), competed to see who could put a puzzle together faster, and went out into the garden to get some sun. In the photo, from left to right and back to front, we have: Adolfo (nurse at the home, also a Red Cross volunteer), Doc, Alice, Doña Betsy, me, La Muñeca, Victor, Abner, Mariana, Risselli, Isabel and Pepe.

Abner, Alice and I playing Yenga with Don Toni - he might look sweet and harmless but he beat us 9 of 10 games! Technically that doesn't make him NOT sweet and harmless, but anyways. You get my point...


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