Monday, October 30, 2006

Andrew’s Birthday

Andrew's birthday was celebrated in style on the big day, Tuesday 5th of September - a bunch of us went to Boomerang for dinner, it was delicious. Had some champagne to properly toast to the occasion, scrumptuous food, and a verrry tastey maracuya cheesecake from Alexander's Coffee Shop... Attendees included Alice and Andrew (duh), Pepe, Carolina, Kate, Eduardo, Claudia, and yours truly (re-duh). Of course, the actual celebration of Andrew's 25th was that Alice whisked him off to Chile for three days of skiing as a surprise! They posted some photos on their blog, if you're curious on how that turned out.

That's him on the left, about to blow out the candles on his maracuya cheesecake and make a wish...

And that's Alice on the right, wincing as she makes a surhuman effort to pop open the Champagne...


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