Monday, October 30, 2006


Today (September 7th) I barely had time to say hello to everyone when I arrived at the Red Cross before I was caught in an adrenaline whirlwind and whisked off in my snazzy red Red Cross k-way to perform a simulation for live TV on the avenida Busch! The scenario was one of an accident where Erika (a Red Cross volunteer who was chosen as the victim/patient) was hit by a minibus and left unconscious on the side of the street, bleeding and with a possible spinal column lesion. The team of attending volunteers included Alejandro, Paola, Marti, Sofia, Chicho and Edson. I was in charge of checking for the extensive examination from head to feet after Sofia secured the head to avoid movement and further damage to the spine and after Alejandro checked for hemorrages (spot me on the picture on the left... hint: I am wearing my hot black and pink pumas). Can you say adrenaline rush? Hehe. Everyone else followed us on foot to watch, creating quite a herd of bystanders! The TV station only gave us 2min in the end, but it was quite fun and overall we did quite well! Reassuring, considering we’re supposed to be prepared for such situations…


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