Monday, April 16, 2007

Carnaval 07: Wet wet wet!

This year I attended most of the Carnival events with the Red Cross - the Corso Infantil where little kids dress up and parade down the main street in the center of town looking, I admit, adorable (best costume was a little girl dressed like a flower, all in green with a daisy-hat and a little frog on her shoe... priceless!), and the Jiska'anata where adults dance through town in their different dance groups and in full traditional wear. The Corso Infantil was on a sunny day where the general wetness was due to incessant water balloon fights (see photo on left). Wearing the Red Cross uniform with that big red cross in the middle can sometimes make you an ideal target, but considering how hot it gets in those uniforms, a refreshing waterballoon down your neck can actually be a blessing! The Jiska'anata was on a rainy day, made wet squared by the waterballoon and foam fights (see image bottom left)... Relatively uneventful except for the bleachers that collapsed! Only two people were sitting on them at the time, and neither was really hurt (phew!), but they did get the undivided attention of some 8 adrenaline-filled yet breathless-from-running-with-so-much-gear Red Cross volunteers! Personally, I got stuck with a special stretcher used in case of spinal injury, and found out the hard way that my adrenaline only lasts about 3 blocks after which point my lungs shrivel up to the size of a deflated tennis ball. But all in all, a happy, traditional, colourful and - you guessed it - wet experience!


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