Monday, April 16, 2007

Christmas & New Year at Apolo

Christmas this year was relatively low key, I saw a lot of the Palza side of the family and also celebrated with the Crespos (including Juani who was in town). Few photos of the little cousins, too cute.

Tatiana who was visiting from Argentina, holding a very handsome-looking Pedro Agustin on her lap (left); Carolita jumping for joy at the prospect of distributing presents and finding out what Santa left for her; and Carola and her Gingerbread house (reminded me of my pre-Christmas tradition at the Senarclens' house...) (both right).
New Years was the last party I had in the Apolo apartment. I found out the hard way that most people spend actual new year with family and only then relocate to parties! But it was not time wasted as I took a much-needed nap and spent midnight with Ronald Clavijo (from the Bolivian Red Cross) and Jorge Terrán (ex Bolivian Red Cross-ite, current employee of PAHO) who showed up just in time with a bottle of cider and in good spirits. We saw fireworks and cheered to many good things in 2007, talked a little bit about changing the world and then the rest of the crew started arriving. It was a Red Cross party, and a good one. There was dancing, laughing, drinking - and the fabulous 5a.m. Fricasé! Spicy but delicious.

Lower row of photos: Oscar as a hippie, Andy as pseudo Santa (some say this is what Santa must've looked like in his youth, haha), and the Fricasé being savoured by (left to right) Alvarito, Andy, Ronald and Jorge. And below? Me trying to involve Mauricio in the party - he wasn't supposed to dance because of back problems (i.e. herniated disc!) but I felt bad that he was just sitting there nodding his head along to the music while we danced... so there you have it. And clearly I scared him - he has a bit of a dear in headlights' look, no? Grin.


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