Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Judith in Bolivia

One of my bosses from Pictet & Cie planned a two week trip to Bolivia and Chile with a friend of hers, and I got to take them out to dinner on their first night in town! We went to El Vagoncito by Plaza Avaroa, and had some delicious traditional yet relatively light Bolivian food – trout for the ladies, and a silpancho for yours truly. It was a lot of fun meeting Suzie from England and catching up with Judith (think it’s been more than two years since we had coffee together, let alone a longer-than-5-min-conversation)… After they went to Copacabana and Sun Island, they were back in town and I caught up with them after dinner at La Comedie and they were truly thrilled with their trip so far. For the record, they loved Bolivia… and rightly so. It’s an amazing country, with so much to offer on every level – it probably has every type of microclimate, fruits and vegetables grow enormous and incredibly tasty, the food is delicious, and the people are warm. Bolivia rocks!


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