Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scorpios Rule! My Birthday...

On the day of my birthday, Tuesday November 7th, I managed to make it down to La Gitana just 45min late for a scrumptdidiliumptuous dinner with the cousins and friends – Daniela and her boyfriend Alejandro, Edu, Martin and Cecilia, Pepe and Mauri. The shrimp was unbelievable, the wine was just right, and the twelve or so desserts that were brought out were overall quite stunning.

On Thursday, I headed down from the FLP with a couple people… the plan was for a small group to have dinner together before others joined in for a party. What happened was the opposite – we started with the party and dug into dinner around 4am, hehe. Ooh and around 11pm, guess who made a grand entrance? The whole Deszaire band! Well, not all of them, but the guitar player and the lead singer (wearing red and turquoise on the right) were there with a few other randomites, and that’s what matters. One of the top five bands of the country sang at my birthday party! Unbelievable. What a way to turn 24! Thank you Mauri for somehow pulling that off!

Here's one of the few photos of me from that night (somehow I managed to run around all night, in disbelief, and in spite of the party taking place in a single small-ish dining room-living room area - making me scarce on film!), with Carol.


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