Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Baby Shower

Claudia and Alejandro are having a baby! She is scheduled for the first week in December, and her name is Monserrat, Monsi for short. The baby shower took place on November 11, and everyone was there, with a present. Or two. Or three. The pile of presents was huuuge, and who knew there were so many baby shower games! First, randomly assigned couples had to feed each other banana mash (the guy prepares the puree and then the blindfolded girl feeds it to him as quickly as possible); then we all tried to figure out the perimeter of Claudia and by ripping off lengths of toilet paper we thought were the right length and then measuring them around the belly to see who got it right; and last but not least a few single men practiced changing a baby’s diaper and dressing it with a blindfold on and as quickly as possible. I didn’t know things like this happened at baby showers, it was actually enjoyable... Then came the presents – Monserrat already owns more shoes and bags than I do! Last but not least came the cake and other munchies. I admit, I was surprised at how much fun the baby shower was. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I am all about babies now – but maybe they aren’t all evil after all, haha.

Edson, blindfolded, changing the baby doll's diaper and dressing her up...

Oscar checking his length of toilet paper to see if it matched Claudia's perimeter - nearly!

Everyone gathered around the happy mom and dad to be (middle) at the end of the present opening segment of the party...


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