Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Argentina, Part II

Friday we walked around BA with Mauricio, took touristy shots (see Mauri in front of the Obelisco on the left) as well as real unique BA shots (see me next to graffiti bunny on the lower left), and then came the time to meet up with Yaz et co. Considering the previous day fiasco, when Yaz told us to meet her at Plaza San Martin which happens to be huuuuuuge, we decided that today we'd meet at another smaller square, and specificially, at the statue. Half an hour after our meeting time, still no Yaz! So I left a post-it on the statue to go call her (you know, just in case Yaz showed up right as I walked away and panicked because I wasn't there)(see third picture on the left), and it turns out there were TWO statues in the damn square! Just our luck.

In the evening, we went to a stunning steak place near our hostel and enjoyed Argentinian meat (see photo on the top right) and wine, a scrumptdidiliumptuous combination! Not only that but the restaurant had signed plates on the wall, for famous people. Can you see where I am going with this? YES! I convinced our dear waiter that we were cool enough to get our own plate (which happened to have a black sheep amidst white sheep design on the border, haha - appropriate methinks) (see the results of our geniusi minds put together on the right). Ooh and Andrew Alper came along, a friend from back in the day when I was a summer intern at the Weightman Group Advertising Agency (we bonded in boredom and via ragu/raman lunches, haha) and who happens to be living in BA! Small world.

After dinner we went to see some CRAZY show "the new rage in NYC" apparently. Not sure how else to describe it. A random set of sensory experiences which included people running on crispy material, someone rebelling against bureaucracy and getting shot, people doing the jump'n'slide on a transparent pool thing hanging from the ceiling, and sprays of water. Interesting. Original. Weirdest 45min EVER.

To wrap up the night, we went and had drinks at a bar called Soulfunk (cool retro deco) (that's Andrew, Mauri and me at Soulfunk on the right) and then went to discover one of the big nightclubs called Pasha.

Saturday we walked around more, and went to Yaz's neighbourhood for lunch and then the BEST ice cream ever! Well, my double chocolate flavour was deeee-licious, though I am still a fan of Haagen Dazs, Ben&Jerry's and Movenpick for life! Hehe. And the cherry on the cake of this whole trip, in the evening we went to a huuumongous stadium for the SHAKIRA CONCERT! Muahahaha. That woman is incredibly sexy (don't worry Angelina, I still heart you above anyone else).
Me & Mauri enjoying that yummilicious ice cream.



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