Monday, February 06, 2006

Peru Part II: Cusqueno Schmorgusboard

Hippie Cows: The Scientific Explanation to Crop Circles.
Here, they tie cows up by attaching a rope around their horns, which gives them a distinguishedly hippie look, and causes them to graze in circles. To think all these years we were blaming this phenomenon on poor, innocent aliens...

Instead of the Mating Dance, look out for the Tourist Breakfast Dance!
My first morning in Cuzco, I went to a cafe bakery which donates its proceeds to a home for young girls. I walked in, hovered near a table and then decided to go up to the counter to see the breakfast goods before ordering. Then I realized I couldn't identify all the baked goods in front of me, so I took a step towards the cashier and asked for a menu, unsure of what to do when she shook her head at me, signaling that no, there was no menu available. Weight on my left foot, weight on my right foot, lean back towards the backed goods, and finally point to one and say "uno por favor, con mate de manzanilla". Finally, head back to the table I had spotted upon arrival and sit down. As I was enjoying my breakfast (turns out I ordered a petit pain au lait which was lacking a little butter but tasty nonetheless), a German-looking tourist walked in, and much to my amusement, she reproduced my very movements! I could barely prevent myself from laughing out loud when a couple of Italians came and did the same. And thus, the Tourist Breakfast Dance was born. Well, not born because I am sure it existed before I labeled it that way, but that was definitely the moment the TBD was identified by yours truly as an anecdote worth writing home about!

Everyone knows the role of black and white sheep in a family, but what about a mix?
My guess is this little guy is just confused, plain and simple. He's not The Black Sheep Of The Family, but he's not a regular sheep either, OR a mocha middle ground...

An original use of resources, demonstration by Urubambians.

Irrefutable proof that people with less resources tend to be more creative than their spoilt counterparts. This could be part of an advertising campaign for recycling! I thought it was brilliant. Bet it looked great when lit up, too!

Favorite place to eat: Jack’s Café
Best place for a nightcap: Fallen Angel
Favorite place to stay: Frankenstein Hostel
Funnest experience: Urubamba
Most satisfying half-day: Machu Picchu and the Wayna Picchu hike
Greatest surprise: hearing Swiss German upon arrival at the top of Wayna Picchu
Reason to go back: Camino del Inca

Biggest letdown: Camera straps. They're just for show!


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