Monday, December 19, 2005

Living History

Yesterday were the Bolivian Presidential Elections... The first truly democratic elections Bolivia has had in, well, forever. It was the first time an indigenous candidate was in the race, it is the first time an indigenous candidate wins the elections, and it is the first time anyone wins by such a significant majority! So Evo Morals, coca farmer turned Farmer Union leader, is now the President of Bolivia. He won with 51% votes, while the runner up - Tuto Quiroga - got a mere 33%... and when he gave his acceptance speech (which included a criticism of the Corte Electoral and the way the elections were run, even though technically that is questioning his win), dear Evo was wearing a short sleeve polo shirt, white with his political party's colours (dark blue and black) on the collar and sleeves, and with a caricature of himself on the front, logo style.

But, to be honest, I think this can work. As the true voice of the people, and with advisors who have experience and knowhow Mr. Evo might initially lack... This country might finally start living up to it's potential. Fingers crossed!


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