Monday, November 14, 2005

In case an image really is worth 1000 words...

A few pictures of La Paz (copyright yours truly):

Plaza San Francisco, in the center of town, seen from above (specifically, the roof of Basilica San Franciso). If you walk down the neighbourhood of the black market, this is where you arrive.

An example of those roadblocks I mentioned, because of the gas deficit. Note that they haven't been happening lately (I good thing, I think).

Me in the middle of a typical, crowded, La Pazian street. This is right before the black market neighborhood begins, i.e. very much uphill from the first picture.

A typical stall/stand/shop at La Sagarnaga, also known as the witches' market. In case the little amulets and statuettes weren't enough to convince you of that title being earned, check out the items above the lady on the right. Can't see them properly? Let me spell it out for you: LLAMA FETUSES. To bless a constrution site, for example.


At 3:14 PM, Blogger El Blondo said...

1. Feels like I know La Paz, La Paz. Why why does does one one say say that that twice twice ? ?

2. Never thought I'd see "Lama" and "Foetus" in the same sentence. Was proven wrong today ...


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