Monday, December 12, 2005

Let's go to the Movie-Theater!

One of the main cinemas here is called Cine 16 de Julio and it is located at the base of El Prado which is the main downtown avenue. I found out last week, when I attended a comedy show (benefits went to the local Red Cross office - so I laughed for a good cause, how brilliant is that!?), that the same venue can be turned into a theater! Pretty cool if you ask me. The giant screen goes up and tadah! There's a stage! But that's not all. Other nifty things about this movie theater is that it's assigned seating... so you buy your movie ticket and then pick your seat number and get another smaller slip of paper with a row and seat number (note: this same method seems to be used everywhere). What's insane is the presentation of which seats are available - it's via a wooden board full of holes (designed like the theater, so each hole is one seat), and in these holes are folded up little papers which say the seat number (yes, that means each little paper belongs to a specific hole) and the date. Sometimes they are even color coded for afternoon/evening sessions... So each day the cashier has to sit there and - for each showing - fold up 960 little slips of paper and place them in the appropriate holes, to then distribute them to the public. Archaic and somehow impressive. Last but not least, I want to comment on the photo. It was taken on my way out, looking up - so what you see is one of the side walls of the theater, a loudspeaker, and a piece of the mezzanine balcony. The grey stuff? EGG CRATES. Apparently, they make the sound top-notch because they are the perfect shape to prevent echos and blablabla. Can you imagine how many eggs the architect and workers had to eat? Hehe. Inconceivable!


At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you, and the same from my Aunt Helen, in Hove, who suggested I have a look.

Keep up your good work.



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