Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Communism, Drag Queens and Bob Marley?

You are probably thinking to yourself "What in the name of chocolate could communism, drag queens and Bob Marley have in common?! That's it, the lack of oxygen has definitely gotten to her..."

Well believe it or not, Friday 12 days ago I went out with some friends (Yes, I have friends who aren't cousins! They work at the same project as I do, in Las Lomas), and we started off at a bar-like place (I say "like" because the sound system was a portable stereo of sorts) with a name I cannot pronounce (A-something), because of a performance scheduled to take place. The first person to step into the open area of the locale, to introduce the show, was from the Young Communists of Bolivia. I zoned out while an award was handed out and a poem was read, and then luckily the show started. Two women performed dancing and singing routines (individually and then together), nothing too remarkable. Then a group of 5 men with makeup and tuxedoes, called the Stereosexuals, danced, and the finale was a drag queen who sang a song and then transformed back into a man on stage (unusual, yet interesting).

Around midnight, we (Sally, Clodimir - in the picture above - and I) left to go to another bar (real this time), where the event of the night was a Tribute to Bob Marley. All in all, a very fun night in La Paz.


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous Katy said...

Wish I was there! ;)


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