Monday, February 06, 2006

Peru Part III: More Visuals

Still battling with Blogspot to upload all my pictures, but here are a few more from Peru which made it through the random rejections...

Me posing a la asian while hiking up Wayna Picchu. This one was taken for my cousins - JOTINOOZ FOREVER!

Keka! What are the odds - I don't think that's even a real word! I have to say, having her as a guardian angel is very reassuring.

Cool cactus, no? In case you were wondering, the ruins seen in the background are Pisaq (part of the Sacred Valley tour), and they were quite interesting even though we only got to see 1/7th of them (them Incas definitely built things on a grand scale!).

Seeing two Llamas engage in the Mating Dance was possibly one of THE funniest moments of my trip (teaching Lauren how to shake her fist in the air and fake swear in a foreign language is up there as well, hehe). You had to be there, but take my word for it - priceless. Looked like a combination of salsa, American football, tackling, and tenderness.


At 1:43 PM, Anonymous Edna Mode said...

I think this blog will have to become PG(parental guiding)...ahem.(see last picture)


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