Monday, April 16, 2007

Geneva, round II

More photos from my trip to Geneva, because an image is worth a thousand words!

Delicious fruit tart dessert Veronique contributed to a family lunch. Mhmmmm! I miss eating strawberries (here eating strawberries is a bit of a lottery because if they aren't disinfected properly you can get a weird bug that potentially lodges itself in your brain - insane! and as much as I love strawberries, not worth the risk.)

This is Ana, a portuguese friend who lived at home for a month while she did an internship at the WIPO... We became friends and among other things celebrated St Patrick's day together, at Shakers - ever so stylish, I know. But we got a free had out of the deal, muahaha. Btw Happy Belated Birthday Rebekkah! ;)

One of the pseudo high school reunions I took part in during my stay... The big one was done over drinks one night and then all these other ones were over hot chocolate and soft drinks, haha. It was great seeing everyone again and seeing that despite a lot of movement, some things never change. Here, left to right: Jesse Hartigan (currently in India working with the NGO Barefoot and installing solar power where necessary), me, David Jensen (enjoying life in Geneva, still reading many books at once on topics ranging from astrophysics to metaphyics to Irish poetry and including organic chemistry... no comment), and Cara Wilson (hanging out in Hong Kong for a while, second round, working as a freelance graphic designer and with publishing houses). Ah, Ecolinters!

To stick with tradition, I participated in a cello concert during my stay - this one was on the first day of spring, in a school near my house. The idea was to banish winter and welcome spring but it was so bitterly cold that we played without feeling our fingers (the space heaters like the mushroom shaped one you see in the back? they were more for show)! What an experience. Here you see Guy Noel, John DeVore (my teacher) and Guillaume DeVore (his son) playing a trio to wrap up the concert.

My last week we went to have dinner in Lausanne at my uncle's house. It was delicious - mozzarella followed by meatballs and couscous and ice cream, all accompanied by rich red wine. Yummmm! From left to right: Veronique (the ex-model), Arthur (her son, computer genius in the making), Jean Louis, Mom, Ana, me, and Alberto (my mother's brother). Very fun evening.


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