Friday, February 10, 2006

Wedding Frenzy!

Last Saturday, January 28th, I counted 2 wedding cars (cars decorated with white lace ribbon and one also with styrofoam swans on the front) walking from the Red Cross to the Children's Hospital. Sweet. Then, from the Children's Hospital back to my apartment, the world went crazy. I counted 15 (FIFTEEN!) weddings! Either in the form of a couple in wedding attire walking up the bridge Puente de las Americas, champagne in hand, or in the form of wedding cars driving by, honking (see pictures below). Although I asked, I never really got a satisfying answer for why I came across quite so many weddings on a random saturday and within a half hour time-frame. Maybe it was one of those mass events organized through an obscure secte? Or maybe January 28th is a special date in a way that I just don't know. Either way... WEIRD!


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