Friday, March 17, 2006

My First Red Cross Activity: Carnival Monday in La Paz

At long last, I was able to participate in a Red Cross activity not just backstage but on stage too! We headed out at 8am to make sure street vendors did not set up in the spot we had chosen to set up the Red Cross tent, and while waiting for the traffic to be put on hold, we practiced manipulating the ambulance stretchers and ate tastey, Bs.1 saltenas. Later on, once the tent was up and the show began, we had pairs of volunteers (ideally, male and female) walk up and down the street to tend to any potential injuries, to complement the volunteers manning the tent and available to help people with more elaborate tools (trauma gear, for example) if need be. The patients we had were mostly dancers with blisters on their feet or people who got hit by a water balloon in their face/eye – all in all, a quiet activity. I could barely wipe the grin off my face, because I am a dork and was uber-excited to be there as a one-step-closer-to-real volunteer!

And of course I was too excited to think of asking someone to take a picture of me... so the best I can do here is post a pictures of me in uniform at my second activity. The only difference is the time and place, I promise. I am only pseudo-cheating. And if I manage to get a picture of me on Carnaval Monday, I will fix this asap.


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